• aidan wogan

I’ve been in lockdown for over 10 weeks now and my view on the world has been through my bedroom window. My routine has changed and my daily life has ultimately come to a complete stop. At the beginning of lockdown I was worried, confused and unsure of what the future holds for not only me but society. I wasn’t the only one feeling like this, it was an entire nation.

With all that being said the one question that popped into my head quite frequently is how can I still be creative?. I soon had the answer to this question and it came to me on one of my daily walks. The answer for me was simple, I needed to look to the outer world and around the house for inspiration, keeping my brain active during this period was vital. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the unknown and uncertainty of what will happen to our lives and how this virus will change the future of society, so by giving myself small tasks everyday it helped change my mindset completely. I would wake up and look forward to these tasks, whether it’s sketching out new ideas for my project or simply going on a walk to clear my head and think of new ideas. I had essentially given myself a new routine, a routine that allowed me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. By being aware that I was fully in control of my life for the duration of lockdown it allowed me to be more creative by experimenting and stepping out of my comfort zone because in the end it only mattered to me and once I got it into my head that I wasn’t going to let anyone down from my creative work, it helped change my perspective on lockdown. I quickly got the mindset that lockdown is a period of self relaxation, all lifes responsibilties are gone, I owe no one nothing and that this period is essentially a break from normality, a break I may never get again.

How did I approach my universiry project? The brief was simple, create four posters using multi media techniques in response to Covid-19. At the beginning of the project I was unsure on how to approah this, I wanted to avoid focusing my attention on deaths or statistics, this topic is already very saddening and I was affraid that this could have an affect on my own mental health. I knew I wanted to avoid this topic, so what could I base my posters on now? After scanning social media, I found a lot of my friends and family were finding it difficult to approach lockdown, we’ve never experienced anything like this before so it’s uunderstadable. After sometime this became one of my main inspirations, my friends and family were finding lockdown boring or mundaine and I agree with them, it has been a period of nothingness, but how could this inspire me? Well I wanted to focus on the mundanity of life in lockdown, I thought this we be a personal reflection of myself as it would be a view of lockdown through my eyes.

So what next? I now needed a charater, after researching around and sketching for multiple hours I came across a character I had made called “Laura”, she isn’t based off anyone I know, her daily activities are based off what I’m doing personally in lockdown. The series is called “Lockdown with Laura”, Essentially I would take photos during lockdown and draw Laura into them, this would show my audience Laura doing tasks which I consider to be mundaine, such as waiting around for an online delievery or cooking. The tasks don’t have to be particularly mundaine, it’s just a reflection of what Laura is doing in lockdown to keep herself occupied. As I was having too much fun with this I thought it would be fun to have “Lockdown wth Laura” as a book, I could reflect back on this time and experience it again through Laura’s outlook on the world and appreciate the time I had to myself, something I think a lot of us have taken for granted over this period. Lockdown has been tough and we still have a long way to go until we reach normality, however I think in time we all will look back at this period and learn something. It could be about ourselves and how we can adapt to unsettling times or how a lot of us have realised that change does need to happen, not just in our own lives but in society too.

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